Workers Compensation Insurance for Staffing Agencies

Employees of your staffing agency may work off-site, but you're still likely required to carry workers compensation policy as part of your staff insurance portfolio to protect them in the event of injury. Here's an overview of what workers comp covers.

Medical Expenses

Whether your employees work on a warehouse floor or spend their time sitting in front of a computer monitor, there are plenty of opportunities for injuries to occur. And that can result in major medical costs for employees. In most cases, workers compensation insurance will cover the cost of doctor visits, medication and surgeries. Also, any special equipment needed, such as a wheel chair or cane, may be covered.


Recovery from a workplace injury may require physical therapy or some other therapeutic care. The cost for these is typically covered by your workers comp policy. In addition, an employee may require training to regain the skills needed to return to the job. Or, if the employee cannot return to the original job, training to obtain a new position may be needed. Workers compensation may cover these costs, as well.


An employee also can be compensated, via your workers comp policy, for wages lost due to an injury. Levels of disability include temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, permanent partial disability and permanent total disability. If you have any questions regarding whether you're staff insurance portfolio includes all the required policies, talk to an insurance professional today.

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