Why You Need Insurance for Vacant Homes

All homes, whether occupied or not, need to be covered by insurance. However, uninhabited dwellings require a plan separate from your regular homeowners’ policy. Insurance for vacant homes is specifically made to protect your property against the risks that come with these circumstances. Examples of homes that call for this type of insurance include houses recently placed on the market for sale, newly built, located in rural areas, or temporarily vacated for renovations. All these homes are at a higher risk for burglary, vandalism, and other criminal activity since they are attended to infrequently, if at all. You will also need liability coverage and protection against usual causes of damage, such as the elements. Other sources of destruction to consider including in your insurance for vacant homes are civil commotion, vehicles and aircraft, and explosions. Vacant homes are more likely to experience higher levels of damage because the problem may not be noticed right away or addressed quickly enough with no one already there. Therefore, it is wise to have a comprehensive plan to ensure the best outcome in the event something happens to your unoccupied residence. A superior insurance provider will be on the scene and helping you out with claims before the catastrophe is even over. With numerous benefits, it is easy to understand why insurance for vacant homes is a must.

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