Where to Obtain Insurance for Recreational Marine Companies

Companies that are involved in the recreational marine industry are exposed to a variety of risks specific to the industry. Agents and brokers representing such companies should look for recreational marine insurance programs that are tailored to their client's needs and provide the necessary coverage. Experienced marine insurance carriers are best equipped to serve the recreational marine industry, due to their understanding of the unique aspects of marine insurance.

Types of Marine Recreational Businesses

There are several types of companies whose business is closely connected with the recreational marine business. Boat dealerships and builders, marinas and yacht clubs, manufacturers of recreational boat parts, and repairers specializing in recreational vessels all carry particular risks associated with their activities.


Typical risks include property damage or theft of inventory, as well as risks to the property of others for which the company may be liable, such as the case of a boat repairer who is in possession of a client's boat when it gets damaged. Recreational marine insurance programs drafted by an experienced carrier will take all circumstances into account in order to provide custom coverage. Marine insurers that focus on recreational marine business needs are the optimal choice. Look for a carrier that offers extensive experience as well as willingness and ability to work with clients in order to offer customized protection plans.

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