What’s Covered by Consultant Liability Insurance?

The role of consultants has been growing across every sector of industry over the last decade as more and more businesses shift to a core services-focused approach, looking to outsource additional work to specialists as needed. As a result, consultancies have been asked to do more and more, and professional liablility insurance for consultants has become more important. This coverage, which is an industry-customized errors & omissions policy, goes hand in hand with the commercial general liability coverage every business should invest in.

Cover All Your Liability Exposure

Combining your general liability with your errors & omissions insurance lowers the price of both and takes the burden of E&O coverage off your generalized insurance, allowing you to focus that part of the policy on anything from third party liability to premesis liability or any other additional coverage you need to suit your business model. Working with an agency focused on covering consultancies is the best way to find this tailored coverage. Those agencies have both the prior knowledge needed to fully assess your risks and business relationships with the carriers who have coverage that fits your company perfectly. There's no better way to invest in professional liability insurance for consultants that optimizes your protection and cost-efficiency at once. Make contact today to learn more.

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