What To Know About Volunteer Coverage for Injuries

While your nonprofit is busy helping the community, you are exposing the people who work or volunteer to some serious liabilities. In addition to the risks of doing business, you also assume responsibility for the health and safety of those who play a part in your organization. Depending on your state, you may be required to provide some type of injury protection coverage.

Injury Protection for Volunteers

Your state may not require workers' compensation insurance for volunteers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer it. This is an important protection for your organization, as it can address lawsuits brought on by volunteers who have been injured while taking part in your service efforts. A policy is highly recommended for those who have long-term partnerships with their volunteers that mimic the longevity of a typical employee relationship.

Waivers as Risk Management

Having your volunteers sign a participation and injury waiver can help reduce the risk of a lawsuit, but it can’t prevent a claim from being taken to court. Once the case goes to court, the waiver may not be considered adequate to protect you from the liability of paying for medical bills, rehab or other financial needs brought by the plaintiff.

To fully minimize the risk of an injury lawsuit destroying your non-profit, invest in workers' compensation coverage for your volunteers.

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