What to Know About Fiduciary Liability

When it comes to the different types of insurance policies that your business needs, it might become overwhelming. No Doubt you have probably heard of fiduciary liability insurance. What is fiduciary liability?

What Fiduciary Liability Is

Fiduciary duty is the obligation of a company to act in the best interests of a person or organization. For there to be a fiduciary duty, there must be a special trust or confidence between the client and the business. Fiduciary liability insurance covers legal protects businesses against claims related to the mismanagement of benefit plans.

What Fiduciary Liability Protects Against

Experts at use staffing firms as examples of how fiduciary liability insurance works. Staffing firms require protection from legal action. When it comes to the employees of staffing agencies, the question of liability is sometimes complicated. In reality, the responsibility often falls on the staffing firm. Some examples of claims include: Conflicts of interest Denial in benefits Misappropriation of payroll funds Failure to maintain an insurance plan Errors in the benefits plan Without fiduciary liability, a business cannot protect its company or the fiduciaries in these claims. Fiduciary liability is a protection for your business against potential claims. While most companies hope that no claims are put against them, this is often not the case. This is why it’s crucial to look into protections.

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