What Delivery Drivers Should Know About Insurance Protection

Rideshare companies and food delivery services are just two of the ways that many people earn income as delivery drivers. Using your vehicle as a main job or a side hustle has only gotten more popular over the years, especially during a pandemic. As a driver, you understand having auto insurance to cover certain exposures that come with vehicle ownership and operation, such as theft, collisions, vehicle damage, and bodily injury. While this protection covers non-business use of your vehicle, it may not be sufficient for driving for Uber or Lyft. 

Don’t I Have Enough Coverage?

Many auto insurance policies don’t cover business use. When you’re driving for business, you are spending much more time on the road, leading to greater exposure to vehicle operational risks. If you drive a company-owned car, you probably don’t need additional protection, according to experts on delivery business insurance. If you drive your own vehicle, you should answer these questions:

  • Does my policy cover business usage?
  • Does my policy include full-time work as well as part-time?
  • Does the company offer full or partial liability protection?
  • Are there temporary restrictions or allowances due to the pandemic?

Do I Need Commercial Auto Protection?

Some auto insurers may cancel your policy if you use your car for business purposes. In other cases, your personal policy may not be sufficient to cover medical bills or repairs related to work operations. Talk to an expert to help you identify gaps in your protection and recommend tailored plans that work for you.

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