Water Treatment Facilities

Water Treatment Facilities: Choose an Experienced Insurer

When you work in the water treatment industry, there are risks that most insurance companies will not account for. When searching for insurance, you might find that there are several gaps in the coverages that you’re offered. This is why it is critical to look for an expert in water treatment coverage in Canada.

Why Does Experience Matter?

The liability exposures of a water treatment facility are a lot more complex than most industries. When a worker comes into contact with sewage, for instance, he or she risks illness. If there is a backup or leak, it could lead to pollution or community illness. If an insurance company isn’t aware of the common risks that water treatment facilities face, then they may not be able to design policies that are tailored to acknowledge those risks.

What Coverages Are Available?

With one policy, you can insure your facility with several coverages. Some of the coverages that you may qualify for include:

  • Errors and omissions
  • General liability
  • No radon exclusions
  • No heavy metal or bacteria exclusions
  • Pollution coverage

When it comes to your policies, you can customize them to fit the specific risks that your company has.

If you work in the water treatment industry, you do not want to choose an insurance company that doesn’t appreciate your risks or understands how to prevent a problem.

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