Walker Professional Liability Can Offer a Safe Haven to Businesses

We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, some of these mistakes can cost us rather large sums of money. If you perform a service that causes damage to your clients somehow as a result of using your service or following your advice, you could be liable. Walker Professional Liability can offer a safe haven against these types of claims. They have the experience and the expertise to help guide you with proper coverage. One example of an industry that is at risk for this type of problem is software consulting. Software consultants are contracted out to create systems for their clients. These systems are supposed to be error free at the time they are released into production. If it turns out the code is faulty and causes undue financial stress or personal harm arises due to the use of the software, the clients will likely sue the consultants or the consultants firm for damages. Does this mean that all software consultants have to worry about being sued anytime code they write fails? It depends. Usually, the more sensitive the industry is, the higher the chance of running into problems. In the case of software consultants, if the systems worked on were trading systems resulting in losses in the millions, you can be fairly confident that legal action will be pursued. This is just one example of the types of situations that can be reduced or eliminated by choosing Walker Professional Liability. They can work with you to provide coverage against these claims.

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