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The Value of Florida Renters Insurance

[caption id="attachment_95" align="alignleft" width="300"]Renters Insurance Florida Renters Insurance Florida[/caption] Most homeowners and renters share a common concern; they both need some type of protection for their property. While a landlord is responsible for the apartment or space that he rents or leases, the renter is solely responsible for protecting his or her own property within the apartment. The property owner will ultimately get insurance for their entire building, but not the separate units themselves. In fact, tenants need renters insurance in Florida to get the protection for anything they feel is of value and may need replacement if an unfortunate incident occurs.   Many renters opt not to purchase a policy but this could be a terrible mistake, if for example, a theft occurs and jewelry, electronics or other high value property is stolen. The landlord cannot be held responsible for the loss. There are many other forces at work that could result in a loss, or could cause damage that could be a costly out-of-pocket expense if no coverage was purchased to provide relief. This alone may make the decision to get a policy a sound idea.   Having coverage for valuable belongings can bring added peace of mind   A policy owner may choose the amount of coverage and deductible that they need, just like with other insurance policies. In most cases, by paying a required monthly premium, the amount of coverage chosen should account for the value of any personal possession’s, providing enough coverage that ensures that everything will be adequately protected in the case of an emergency.   Most renters’ policies, like home insurance policies, cover the following:  
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Utility malfunctions
  • Weather damage, and many other hazards
  Most policies, however, won’t cover damage and/or liabilities from earthquakes and flooding. People who happen to live in areas prone to those natural occurrences have to get specific policies to cover those specific hazards. If this is required, or something a renter is interested in, anyone can look for flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), an organization that provides information for Florida residents concerned about flooding. Many independent insurers also offer flood policies to individuals who wish to purchase coverage.   With Florida renters insurance, anything that’s not listed as covered in a policy unfortunately, isn’t actually covered. This demonstrates the importance of talking to a reputable insurance agent or provider for more information about coverage options. This will help immensely when the time comes to make this important purchase. 

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