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Use of a Website and Social Media for Insurance Advertising

  [caption id="attachment_84" align="alignleft" width="300"]insurance advertising insurance advertising[/caption] Insurance advertising is vital to the success of any agency working in today’s highly competitive marketplace. There are many ways to get out information about products and services that the company represents:  
  • Television and radio
  • Cinema
  • Video games
  • The Internet
  • Banners
  • Billboards, and
  • Print media like newspapers and magazines
  Advertisements are created to generate the interest of consumers and facilitate the increased consumption of products and services. Most companies hire advertising agencies to create awareness about their brands, or rely on their in-house advertising team to do so. While not everyone responds to the message transmitted through these ads, when the information being transmitted is fresh, intriguing or informative, certain people will often be interested enough to want to learn more. For example, by creating pages on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the companies who advertise their products and services can translate this intrigue and curiosity into sales in the long run.   Efficient advertising techniques There are certainly many different kinds of advertising techniques and all creative advertisers find some way to grab the potential consumer's attention and turn it into sales. Advertising is a billion dollar industry in America, and agencies that are on the cutting edge of their industry spend huge sums of money to run, test, and measure advertising effectiveness in the hopes that it will enable them to get a leg up on their competitors. Arousing the curiosity of the visitor   On an average, an individual spends less than 5 seconds to go through an entire ad. If a website doesn’t showcase something new and advanced, chances are those visiting will quickly look elsewhere. By nature, humans are drawn towards the unknown, or anything that feels new. This can be accomplished with words, images or visuals that are designed to make an impact. If the subject matter does not arouse curiosity immediately, it is often a lost opportunity. A well-crafted ad should be both, eye-catching and difficult to ignore. Promise a benefit to potential customers Most brands are associated with some pre-defined character, and they need to be re-emphasized with every new service advertised on the website. The headline must promise a benefit for the consumer, because in most instances it is the headline that sells the product. By captivating visitors and giving them the added promise of benefit for their inquiry, any insurance advertising plan is moving in the right direction.

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