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Two Keys Risks for Dry Cleaning Services

Dry cleaning services had received a lot of attention in recent years for the use of hazardous chemicals with their services. Though state regulations are being leveraged to minimize exposure to such hazards, this is just one of the many onsite risks for dry cleaners. It is one of the most serious, and those working at cleaners need to reduce the liability in this area.

Minimize the Risk

One of the biggest risks for a dry cleaning company is the exposure to fires. There are several different ignition sources, and sparks are dangerous given the amount of oxygen and solvents in the environment. To reduce the risk of fire, have a maintenance schedule that checks equipment for leaks or frayed wires. Always repair any damaged electrical components immediately.

The storage and location of items within the shop can also contribute to fire hazards. Make sure that any heating elements are kept free from areas of clothing or near lint, as heat build-up could turn into a fire. Keep chemicals in a separate area free from electrical equipment or heating elements. It is also easier to clean up spills when there is no carpet or other fabric material that becomes contaminated during an accident.

Prepare for Liability Claims

A risk management strategy for any company involves proactively addressing areas of potential risk and exposure. When you carry a comprehensive insurance policy, you are guarded against the financial loss that often accompanies a liability claim.

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