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Top HIPAA Violations Healthcare Providers Commit

Healthcare entities can protect themselves with insurance coverage for HIPAA violations. Here are the most common violations and why they happen.

Business Agreements

Healthcare entities work with a variety of vendors to supply equipment, handle waste and more. An agreement can violate HIPAA by giving vendors who don’t need access to personal health information access.

Record Snooping

Looking at patient health records for anything not permitted violates HIPAA rules. However, many personnel may be curious about friends or family members and think little about accessing those records. What may seem relatively harmless can cost the entity hefty fines and penalties. Not to mention that the employee can and should lose their job.

Risk Analysis

Not enough healthcare entities perform adequate risk analysis. Failure to seek out and proactively fix issues related to personal health information confidentiality, access and integrity. Regular and organized risk analysis can help companies avoid or mitigate problems such as data breaches.

Valuable Insurance

The insurance firm Manchester Specialty Programs Insurance states the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules are complex. Healthcare providers work hard to comply with every statute and rule, but sometimes they still face penalties and fines.

Companies both large and small face data breaches among other risks to PHI. To sufficiently cover those exposures, healthcare entities should consider insurance coverage for HIPAA violations to protect their financial assets in case something falls through the cracks.

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