Three Things That Help You Save On Renters Insurance

If you are renting, you might not have even thought of getting rental insurance. Many people avoid this type of insurance, assuming it is going to be too expensive. Getting renters insurance through a company such as Tri-State Insurance may actually be surprisingly affordable, and is made only more so when you know what discounts to ask about. Here are just three significant discounts you may want to ask about.

Smoke and Fire Alarms

Whether set accidentally or on purpose, fire costs homeowners and renters alike over $300 million dollars per year. Therefore, if you have a smoke alarm installed in your rental, you will likely be eligible for a discount in your monthly premium since your apartment will be less at risk for costly fire damage and loss.

Deadbolts and Security Alarms

A secure home is going to assume less risk and therefore carry with it lower insurance rates. If you have security measures such as security alarms or deadbolts installed at your apartment, you may be able to save significantly on your renters insurance as well.

Automatic Payments

It may seem like a minor thing, but if you pay your renters insurance premium each month automatically from your checking or savings accounts, many companies will offer a discount on your insurance premiums each month. There may be many other discounts available by calling Tri-State Insurance today and asking a qualified agent.

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