The Importance of Boat Rental Insurance

Whether you want to open a rental company or rent your boat out to friends on the weekends, you should research your insurance options. Getting insurance for renting out your boat can protect you in the event of an accident.


Depending on the policy, some small watercraft may be covered under your homeowners insurance policy. However, that coverage is typically limited and will not offer protection if you rent out your boat.

Boat rental insurance covers various watercraft, including:

  • Canoes and kayaks
  • Sailboats under 26’
  • Personal watercraft
  • Houseboats under 65’
  • Pedal boats


Accidents happen regardless of how experienced or careful people are. Your boat may be involved in a collision with another watercraft, swimmer or stationary object. This can result in serious injuries or damage to your boat. Without coverage, you may be in serious trouble in the event of a lawsuit.

While the rental policy can be customized to fit your needs, it should include:

Premises liability provides coverage against incidences that occur on your boat, such as someone slipping and falling on the deck. Watercraft coverage protects against bodily injury or property damage claims, while hull coverage covers physical damage to the vessel.

Renting out your boat can work wonderfully. As long as you have the right insurance policy, you and your boat will be covered in the event of an incident.

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