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The Advantages of Joining a Yacht Club

A yacht is a valuable asset, and you may be reluctant to store it in a regular marina where any number of people come and go throughout the course of a day. Keeping your yacht on land, however, may make getting it to the water a serious ordeal. Being part of a yacht club is a great way to store your vessel securely and set off on the water anytime you feel like it.

Discover a Sense of Community

One of the most appealing yacht club membership benefits is joining a community of people in your area who share your passion. You can learn from seasoned yachters, and you can share your knowledge with somebody who is just getting into yachting.

Dock Maintenance

A yacht club will be responsible for maintaining and insuring the physical premises and you’ll be responsible only for insuring your vessel. The club will be in charge of compliance with environmental or code regulations regulating dock structures in your area.

A yacht club is a safe and convenient way to store your vessel, and it can help you gain a new circle of friends. Some clubs charge membership by a flat fee for a slip and some charge based on the linear footage of your vessel. Search your area for a yacht club that’s well-managed and affordable.

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