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Temp Agencies in Illinois

If you are familiar with the gig economy, you are likely in tune with the current work environment. Many individuals are entirely forgoing permanent employment and are seeking temporary options from staffing agencies such as SPI Staffing. The next time you visit a job board online, you will see many contractual positions for freelance writers, search engine optimization specialists, and other positions that do not require a full-time commitment. With companies like Slack completely re-structuring how office communication takes place, it is only a matter of time until the majority of white-collar positions are performed remotely. The possibility of infrequent office visits is still an option, but having the overhead expense of an office does not make sense for the majority of businesses.

Automation and the Future of Jobs

As the automation wave begins to consume existing positions, many people will be turning to staff agencies like SPI Staffing for alternative options. There will be a lot of training for developing roles in the new economy and staffing agencies can assist with these procedures. Many people are not prepared for the change that is coming and they should begin thinking about how to develop skills for the future. Your current job may not be the position that allows you to retire into the sunset.

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