Flood Damage

Safeguarding Your Home from Flood Damage

A flood can cause serious damage to a home as well as personal property inside. Repairs may involve a costly clean-up, re-flooring, and mold remediation. In addition, a homeowner could be displaced from a home for an extended period of time in the aftermath of heavy flooding. It’s important for all homeowners to do everything reasonably possible to safeguard their homes from flood damage.

Protect Your Home From Sewage Overflow

Some cities and municipalities experience overfilled sewer lines when there are heavy rains or flooding. As a result, streets, and homes can become inundated with water. A sewage water backstop can keep an overflowing sewer drain from flooding your home.

Prepare for Storms With Barriers

As soon as you’re put on notice of a heavy storm in your area, you should get into gear to keep your home safe. Putting up barriers around the perimeter of your home such as sandbags can help to stop water from entering your basement and first floor.

Get a Flood Insurance Policy

A standard homeowner’s policy won’t protect you in the event that your home is damaged by a flood. You’ll need to get a separate policy that specifically addresses flood damage.

Physical protection and flood insurance can preserve your home if it is affected by a flood. Ultimately, these essential advance preparations can prevent catastrophic loss.

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