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Safeguard Your Company With Dimension Mills Insurance

  [caption id="attachment_103" align="alignleft" width="300"]dimension mills insurance dimension mills insurance[/caption] The United States flooring and dimension mill industry is made up of many different types of companies. Some provide flooring for the home and office, and others manufacture wood construction beams for large scale commercial projects. No matter the type of business, sufficient dimension mills insurance is important.   Inland Marine   An inland marine policy can be an important component of dimension mills insurance. The name originated from its original purpose, which was to cover ships’ cargo in the event it was lost or damaged on the high seas. An inland marine policy is designed to cover any property that moves around including those items associated with the flooring and dimension mills industry such as flooring products, wood beams, any equipment used to make them, and many other types of property.   Commercial Auto Insurance   Flooring companies need to transport their products, just like any other business. A company that is very large and has multiple locations may even have a large fleet of commercial vehicles including cars, vans, and trucks of different sizes. Commercial auto coverage can help ensure the company and its employees are protected in the event of accidents.   Wood flooring and dimension mills companies provide very specific types of products. Dimension mills insuranceshould be customized to satisfy the unique needs of these business owners, and provide them with peace of mind that their assets are protected.  

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