Roofing Insurance Gives You Peace of Mind

Insurance for roofing companies is required for any professional that values their safety. Liability insurance for roofing is necessary for keeping your business profitable and safe, whether you're installing shingles or installing a completely new roof.

Why You Need Roofing Insurance

There's no denying that repairing and rebuilding roofs is hazardous work. Many customers understand that mishaps can occur and want proof of roofing liability insurance and a certificate of insurance. While everyone hopes that everything goes according to plan, having the correct insurance for roofing companies in place allows you to worry less and work more, letting you concentrate on growing your business and completing the project.

What Type of Coverage Roofers Need

When deciding on coverage for your business, consider how you will manage your risk. 

  • Errors and omissions insurance - helps you if you're accused of making a mistake that leads someone to lose money.
  • General liability insurance - protects you financially if someone other than an employee is injured or if you're held liable for damaged property that isn't yours. 
  • Commercial property insurance - helps protect stored equipment, inventory, and buildings you own. 
  • Commercial auto insurance - most states require business-owned automobiles to have insurance to cover medical costs and property damage.
  • Tools and equipment - protects your equipment wherever it's stored. 

Having comprehensive insurance for roofing companies is an important step in running your business and should not be overlooked. 

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