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Risks and Management of Outdoor Music Festivals

Music festivals can be enthralling, energetic and downright dangerous. As masses of enthusiastic fans pour into a venue and alcohol flows, there are inherent risks you need to prepare for. Fortunately, outdoor music festival insurance can help protect your investments against accidents.

Preparing for Common Claims

Your location and additional entertainment attractions can increase your risk of injury for your patron’s, whether due to uneven ground, proximity to a waterfront, or lack of adequate shade and water leading to overheating. Consider additional insurance should the weather or an artist no-showing force the cancellation or rescheduling of your event.

Kinds of Insurance

Impact Programs states that it is important to have additional riders on top of the typical general liability. Even if you prevent attendees from bringing their own alcohol and only allow third-party vendors to sell it, there are greater risks of intoxication-related injuries and damages.

Minimizing Risk

Adequate staffing, trained security, and well-maintained expectations can all help mitigate exposure to dangerous circumstances. A medical tent for minor ailments and communicated rules about the use of mechanical equipment for staff can also assist in keeping liabilities reasonable. While no festival will go off without a hitch, taking the necessary precautions and having adequate outdoor insurance for mishaps can keep your event flowing more smoothly.

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