Protect Your Staff

Elderly care centers were created to give people a place to receive ongoing care as they grow older. Fortunately, many facility owners take that responsibility seriously. However, you also need to protect the caregivers as well. Nursing home insurance can cover the employees, from directors to beauticians, so they can continue doing the jobs they were meant to.
  1. Worker's Compensation - Despite the best efforts to offer a safe workplace, injuries can occur. Worker's Compensation coverage can include an employee's medical expenses, whether the result of an accident or a long-term issue such as back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. It can also cover legal costs should a lawsuit be filed.
  2. Directors and Officers Liability - When people become disgruntled, complaints often start from the top down. Directors may be accused of misusing or mishandling funds, or being negligent in their duties. An employee may claim he or she was wrongfully terminated or harassed while on the job. Liability insurance can cover costly lawsuits filed against directors and board officers.
  3. Professional Liability - To run a center efficiently, there are many people involved. Professional liability can cover legal costs when physicians, nurses, and even resident barbers are accused of harming someone physically or financially.
While a nursing facility is designed to help its residents, it is also important to protect the people providing the care. A proper insurance policy can do that.

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