Protect Your Real Estate Business and Reputation

Insurance for real estate agents has grown and expanded as the industry has changed. There are now more options for coverage than ever before. Finding an insurer that will explore your needs specifically to craft an insurance program that's right for you will keep your assets and reputation protected.

Protection Against Interpretation

If you offer a professional service or give advice, you should talk to an insurer about the particular protection you may need. For many, the purchase of a home or business is the largest transaction they will make. The stakes are high, and service must be top notch. Even if service and advice are entirely sound, client or customer interpretation might vary. Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance for real estate agents is the first line of defense against these potential interpretations of your service and advice.

What to Cover

There are many things to consider when purchasing insurance for your small business. Typical coverage will cover all of the necessities of service as a real estate agent, like discrimination, libel, failure to provide proper documentation and failing to disclose material facts. You should talk to an expert about additional coverage you may require. There are often options for covering claims against your place of business or vehicle injuries. If you run a team of agents or have in-office support staff, you may consider getting E&O insurance that covers all of your employees. Litigation is on the rise; it's time to talk to an experienced insurer about how you can protect your business and reputation.

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