Prepare your Teen For Their First Concert

It's a moment you have either dreamed of or dreaded: Your teenager is asking to go see their favorite band in concert. If this is Junior's first concert, make sure that you prepare them well ahead of time what to expect. Musical venues are an entity unto themselves and you know firsthand what kind of shenanigans happen there!

Familiarize Them With The Venue

It's important to know ahead of time in what city the concert will be and whether or not it's a safe area. What kind of insurance does the venue have in case there was an emergency? If you're still worried, is a great resource to learn more.

Know What Items Are Forbidden

Check the venue's website before heading out the door; some music venue requirements are quite strict and disallow certain items. Backpacks, for example, are commonly forbidden, as well as water bottles or outside food.

Warn Them About Drugs

No matter how you feel personally on the topic, the reality is that marijuana is at almost every concert. Explain to your teens that it will be there and remind them to use common sense if someone offers them something strange. It's almost a rite of passage in the United States to see your favorite band live. Acknowledge that your kiddo is growing up and pray that their taste in music does too.

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