Myths About Auto Insurance

There's a myth about red cars having higher insurance premiums, but the reality is that the color of your car is not a factor in determining your rates. It doesn't matter whether your car is white, purple, yellow, or polka-dotted, it won't change your insurance. Here are other myths about auto insurance in Champaign, Illinois so that you can make better choices when it comes to buying insurance Another myth is that smaller cars are cheaper to insure. This might be true, but it largely depends on your coverage and the vehicle. Smaller cars are much more likely to sustain damage in an accident, so it actually may cost more if you have collision and comprehensive coverage on your car. Some people believe that thieves are most likely to steal newer cars than older ones. However, this is not true when you look at the statistics. Older cars get stolen more often. They are easier to steal because they don't have the same protections as newer cars, and their parts are more valuable on the market. More people want used car parts, especially when the economy is down. Myth: Buying car insurance online saves money. Truth: Having an agent for your auto insurance in Champaign, Illinois actually saves you money. They can help you find the right policy to fit your lifestyle and needs. Your agent can analyze your policy and get you the best deal.

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