Marina Insurance Is No Accident

Whether large or small, a marina is a place where boats gather. Where boats gather, there is the possibility of accidents happening. Fortunately, there exist many marine insurance programs to protect the marina against the fallout from those accidents. Most of these programs will have three areas of protection: property, liability and employee. Property protection covers the physical assets of the marina. These assets include such things as the piers, any real and personal property and the marina’s equipment and tools. This part of the policy would, also, cover any losses in the marina’s business income that occurred as a result of an accident. Liability coverage protects the marina from lawsuits resulting from accidents. Fuel spills are an example of an accident covered by your liability coverage. Employee coverage includes such things as workers compensation and the United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Act. If an employee of the marina is injured on the job while working for the marina, it is covered under the insurance program’s employee coverage. When looking into marina insurance programs for your marina, it is important to find an experienced reputable insurance agency to work with. Navigating the ever-changing insurance landscape can be challenging, but a good insurance agent will help you find the right policy at the right price.

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