Heavy Equipment Coverage

Lifting Your Business With Heavy Equipment Coverage

When you’ve been trusted to build a facility, you want to make sure you deliver the project on time and in accordance with plans. You understand that your construction business comes with several risks, especially due to the presence of large, heavy equipment that needs to be operated by skilled, trained employees. You know the hazards associated with these machines and a responsible owner has adequate workers’ compensation protections in place. You rely on functional machines to get the job done, so what is your plan if they’re damaged or stolen?

Protecting Your Heavy Machinery

Businesses like yours need heavy equipment coverage policies. This is your key protection for your construction machines used during a job. Missing or damaged equipment are not only costly to replace, but also put completion of your jobs at risk. In addition to this type of coverage, you should also consider these protections:

  • Equipment Breakdown. This protects against malfunctions and explosions, including parts.
  • Business Interruption. This covers loss of income from suspended operations.
  • Rental Reimbursement. Cover the costs of renting replacement equipment temporarily with this policy.

Crafting a Tailored Policy

When it comes to specialized insurance, you shouldn’t trust your business or finances to just any provider. It’s important to choose an insurer that can put together a customized policy that meets the needs of your operations. Give your company, your workers and your clients the peace of mind of complete coverage.

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