dog bite insurance
Keep a reasonable distance between you and strangers when walking your dog.

Legal Issues When Your Pet Dog Causes Injury

Dog owners must obey local laws and understand their responsibilities regarding the ownership of a dog. If someone is bitten or otherwise injured by your dog you may face legal consequences. You need to carry dog bite insurance, either through your renters or homeowner’s coverage or as a standalone product. This will help pay any legal and medical costs incurred in the event an incident occurs. It may help your case if you can prove the animal was pestered in some way and that it wasn’t an unprovoked attack. For example, if a child was teasing and/or being cruel to your animal and it responded in defense of itself, you may not be held liable in a court of law. It’s very helpful to notify the parents when you actually observe their child teasing or behaving cruelly, and have witnesses or video evidence substantiating this fact. Anytime someone mistreats a dog, whether rocks are tossed or thrown, or someone witnesses another person hitting a dog, these incidents should be reported to the local authorities as well as humane organizations. This is helpful in establishing a legal defense for the animal by documenting acts of cruelty for which the law could mandate incarceration or psychological treatment for the offender.

Helping pets that display aggressive behavior

To combat any bad behavior, especially in normally aggressive dogs, owners should enroll the dog in obedience classes. In addition, make sure the dog gets lots of appropriate exercise, keep dogs on a leash or physically fenced in area when outside, and never leave young children alone with a dog. Neutering male dogs can significantly reduce dominance problems and other forms of aggression. It can help if you inform house guests that they shouldn’t disturb your dog while sleeping or eating. Discourage teasing, yelling, or making sudden movements around dogs, and children and adults should be warned not to act nervous around your dog as this often sends a message of vulnerability to most dogs that they may readily sense. Keep a reasonable distance between you and strangers when walking your dog. Also, demonstrate what it means to be a responsible dog owner by avoiding situations and circumstances that can be detrimental to both you and your pet. If you need to purchase dog bite insurance we suggest, for your protection, that you get a quote as soon as possible.  

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