Is Umbrella Insurance Right for You?

Much as an accomplished skydiver always packs a second parachute in case of emergency, insurance policies for your business work to safeguard you against unexpected issues. Some insurance plans may not provide all of the protection that you need, but umbrella insurance claims can be made in a wide variety of circumstances.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Think of umbrella insurance as an added safety net for typical liability insurance. The two key benefits of having this extra assurance are that it increases your policy limits while also boosting coverage for things that may not necessarily be included within your standard policy.

For instance, if someone were to sustain a bodily injury of some sort while in your business or property, or if physical damage was done to the property itself, what isn't already covered by your basic insurance plan can be claimed under your umbrella insurance plan. The same applies with any potential employee lawsuits or if extra coverage for a company vehicle is needed.

Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Everything?

While umbrella insurance does offer a wide array of added coverage that is vital for any business, there are some exclusions, such as concerning professional errors or employment practices.

If you or your company feel that you need an additional safety net in today's wild world, umbrella insurance may be what you're looking for. 

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