marine repairer insurance program

Insurance Specifically for Marine Repairers

Insurance Specifically for Marine Repairers

Marine repairers work in a specialized industry and require particular insurance. A marine repairer insurance program can provide workers with protection against damages and legal claims.

Dangers to This Industry

Perhaps one of the greatest dangers the maritime industry faces is hurricanes or other storms. This is when marine repairers step up and provide services to fix watercraft and marinas for clients. However, while storms can be hazardous to the overall maritime industry, marine repairers face other dangers. One of the most important coverage options for marine repairers is a professional liability. That way, the repairer can be protected in the unlikely event that a client suffers from monetary damages due to an error or omission of the completed work. There are also other options such as general liability coverage and property coverage for even more protection.

Areas of Coverage

Under the professional, general and property liability coverage a marine repairer can include in a policy, there are several items and areas of work that may be protected. These include the items listed below: Carpentry work Mechanical systems Engines Sails If you work in the marine repair business, you need the protection a marine repairer insurance program provides. You can feel more secure in your work with this safety net behind you and repair boats, ships and marinas with confidence.

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