Insurance Coverage Preserves the Food Manufacturing Industry

There are many moving parts within the food manufacturing industry. Business insurance for Bay Area food manufacturers addresses every situation from equipment malfunction to food contamination to workers compensation for employees injured on the job.  

Develop a Risk Profile

  The first step to getting appropriate coverage is to understand the scope of risk within your business. In order to operate safely and efficiently, it is important to consider coverage for:  
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Business interruption/cessation of production
  • Refrigerated property on premises or in transit
  • Crime
Comprehensive business insurance in the Bay Area will incorporate coverage for employee benefits. Workers compensation is an essential area of insurance for the food manufacturing industry. Risk for injury can be high. Internal safety programs are an effective preventative measure against injury, as well as a good way to control premium costs.  

The Food Safety Modernization Act

  On January 4, 2011 President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law. Its purpose is to empower the FDA to better prevent instances of food contamination in grown, harvested and processed food. For the food manufacturing industry, this translates to making sure everything within individual operations runs with minimal risk for food contamination. An insurer may assist a business to identify and analyze areas of risk, and help it to implement measures that limit exposure to risk. Risk analysis and attention to safety is the winning combination for the most affordable and thorough business insurance policy for your Bay Area food manufacturing company.

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