Independent Contractor Engineers Still Need Adequate Coverage

H&A engineering policies use extensive knowledge and experience to meet the unique needs of the industry’s professionals. Working as an independent contractor to provide your professional engineering expertise does not exempt you from the risks and liabilities of your work. These policies can help you protect your assets while you grow your business.


Most engineers rely on at minimum a computer to perform their jobs. Over time, even the most state-of-the-art equipment breaks down and needs replacement.


For those engineers working out of their own offices, you need to protect against the liabilities that happen on that commercial property. This means that a client can slip and fall or something is stolen. Instead of you covering those expenditures, the insurance steps in.


Everyone makes mistakes, but an engineer’s errors and omissions can cause issues with the design and stability of a building or project. Sometimes the problems are minuscule but can still land you in court with an unhappy client.


As seen on https://www.haughn.com, this extra liability insurance goes above and beyond your other liability policies. Sometimes you need added protection in the event of a lawsuit. Relying on the general contractor to cover your risks can be a huge mistake. Protect your small business with H&A engineering insurance programs.

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