How Smart Business Owners Protect Themselves

If you are a small business owner, you probably worry about what can go wrong with your business. While few things are guaranteed in life, having the right insurance can help put your mind at ease about many aspects of your business. Orlando commercial liability insurance is one way to take charge of certain issues. Here are some of the things covered by this general liability insurance.

Bodily Injury

Injuries can happen under many circumstances, and business owners can be held responsible even if they were not negligent. Bodily injury insurance is one of the most important coverages a business can have.

Personal Injury

Personal injury refers more to slander and libel than to physical harm. Personal injury may be more common for businesses than you think, and if it happens to you, you should have coverage for it.

Damage to Property

Business owners can be liable for personal property damaged in their establishment or possibly for damage caused by their products. If this happens, coverage can protect you from an expensive lawsuit.
False or Misleading Advertising
You may not mean to promote false advertising, but it can happen. Businesses need coverage against this. If you live in the Orlando area, Orlando commercial liability insurance is a must for all small business owners. Learn today about how to protect yourself.

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