Volunteer Drivers

How Nonprofits Can Help Their Volunteer Drivers

Nonprofit organizations that benefit from the contributions of volunteer workers owe these special individuals a tremendous debt of gratitude. Of course, people who are volunteering for an outstanding organization are gratified just to be a part of its mission, but they certainly value being appreciated. Moreover, they depend on organizations to provide them with what they need to serve safely and effectively. A couple of different types of support can help volunteer drivers stay safe and be exposed to less risk while they’re on the road.


New and experienced drivers alike can stand to gain a lot from structured training on topics such as defensive driving, distracted driving, and how to drive safely in inclement weather conditions. An online training course can teach valuable skills that will protect volunteer drivers and prevent accidents.


An individual driver’s personal policy may not be adequate to address the costs that he or she will incur in the aftermath of an accident. Also, any corporation who a driver is working for whether or not it’s in a paid or volunteer capacity is at risk of being subject to a claim. It’s important that organizations carry adequate insurance that will address situations involving volunteer drivers, regardless of whether they’re using their own vehicle or a company vehicle.

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