Cannabis and Hemp Businesses

Finding Coverage for All Cannabis and Hemp Businesses

Like any expanding industry, the cannabis and hemp markets emerging due to legal changes over the last half-decade are varied, with players establishing themselves in every role imaginable, and some innovating new places for themselves. From growers to manufacturers of consumer products with hemp and cannabis derivatives, transporters to medicinal providers, there's a lot to do in the industry, and every new product devised to make use of THC, CBD, or hemp is another new niche in the market. Finding experts who can provide sound insurance advice in this rapidly changing marketplace might sound challenging, but comprehensive coverages for hemp, CBD, and cannabis are available from established voices in the industry who understand exactly what risks you face when you start working in cannabis, hemp, or CBD.

Expanding Programs From First-Generation Providers

While federal transportation restrictions and the patchwork nature of legalized markets make expanding some kinds of cannabis business across state lines a challenge, insurers who established themselves in early markets like California and Washington are now positioned to provide well-informed coverage from the beginning in the new markets that are emerging each year. For beginners who are negotiating with local governments to set the rules of the new marketplace, this kind of well-rounded coverage with specific cannabis and hemp industry provisions demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to protecting your employees and customers.

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