Errors and Omissions

Errors and Omissions Coverage for Public Schools

Public schools employees face potential liability risks on a daily basis. Claims are filed by parents, students and fellow educators. If a school system’s board hasn’t adequately protected their workers and administrators, unwanted lawsuits can be devastating.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Public Schools

Essential liability protection includes E&O for schools. Claims can arise from a number of scenarios, including:

  • The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) addresses specific accommodations necessary for students with disabilities. If a parent of a special needs child feels that inadequate resources are provided for their child, they may file a claim.
  • If a child is suspended or expelled from the school, a parent may claim that the act was unwarranted.
  • Teachers may file claims against the administration for failure to hire or failure to implement sufficient employment practices. Teachers may also claim wrongful acts have occurred.
  • A potential breach of contract may exist between teachers and the administration.

Without proper insurance coverage, school boards could find themselves liable for legal fees and compensation packages well above what they are able to pay.

Errors and Omissions liability insurance protects both the school system and the individual teachers that are named in a lawsuit. Talk with your insurance agent to ensure you have the best coverage for your school system.

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