Employee Benefits Liability Insurance

Employee Benefits Liability Insurance for Staffing Companies

Staffing companies face unique concerns related to employee benefits administration. In addition to ensuring general compliance with state and federal laws, they need to work with an experienced insurance carrier that can advise them about protection for claims related to benefits administration.

Benefits Liability

An error or omission made during any phase of the administration of an employee’s or several employees’ benefits can result in employees sustaining significant damages. An employer may mistakenly advise employees about coverage eligibility, fail to include dependents, or unintentionally unroll an employee from benefits coverage. Covered benefits may include health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, pensions, short-term disability, long-term disability, profit sharing, stock options. Ultimately, even well-managed staffing companies could make an inadvertent mistake with costly consequences.

Get a Personalized Evaluation

In seeking out coverage, it’s advisable to work with an insurance carrier who serves clients in the staffing industry. World Wide Specialty Programs has served staffing companies for over fifty years. WWSPI is the only carrier that is a commercial liability partner of the American Staffing Association

WWSPI can help advise you about your company’s individual needs and explain available coverage options. Your needs may depend on the size of your company, its general activities, and the average number of employees who receive benefits.

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