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Does Your Property Insurance Cover Damage From Snowstorms?

When you purchase an insurance policy for your home, you assume that the property is protected against damage from all types of storms. While most storm-related damage is covered, there are certain events in which your general homeowner's policy won't protect you.

If you live in an area where heavy snowstorms are common, a separate snow insurance policy is recommended.

Snow Damage Covered by General Home Insurance

A general policy protects against damage that is a direct result of the winter weather event itself. These damages include:

  • Wind damage during blizzards
  • Collapsed roof from heavy snow
  • Damaged roof from tree branches laden with snow
  • A roof leak from melting snow

Damage That Isn't Normally Covered by General Policies

If the damage is caused by some type of negligence, it typically won't be covered. For example, if a pipe bursts because it was old or rusty, your general policy won't cover the resulting water damage. Similarly, if your roof is not well-maintained the damage caused by the leaky roof may not be covered. Whenever your insurance agent feels that the property wasn't adequately protected during a storm, your claims may be rejected.

It is critical to remember that any flooding that results from melting ground snow requires a separate flood insurance policy.

Review your homeowners' insurance policy to make sure your home is protected against all types of damage from winter snowstorms.

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