entertainment production insurance
Be sure to contact an agency today, and be prepared for anything that can happen!

Covering Your Production From Any Angle

The entertainment business continues to be a lucrative business. Whether you are hosting local bands, filming a blockbuster film or performing plays in a theater, there are people that are willing to spend the time and money to enjoy the entertainment you can provide. However, if you do not have the right entertainment production insurance, you run the risk of facing financial troubles after an incident.

Why Obtain Insurance?

It can seem like smooth sailing at the beginning of planning an entertainment event. Unfortunately, a wide array of emergencies can impact your wallet. Lets say an artist cancels a concert or does not show up the day of the show, you can be subject a number of different fines and angry ticket-holders. However, agencies can help you acquire coverage for this type of incident.

Equipment insurance is also a must for any entertainment event. When it comes to film, this coverage can help you when camera, sets and videotape become damaged or need to be replaced. This insurance can help out venues if elements of the stage are hurt while loading and unloading.

Other coverage lines like third-party damage, broadcaster liability, film completion bond and wardrobe insurance can help a wide array of different productions.

Working with a company that provides reliable entertainment production insurance can make a difference in the success of the production itself. Be sure to contact an agency today, and be prepared for anything that can happen!

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