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Covering Cemetery Risk Management

No one likes to think of a cemetery as anything other than a place of peaceful eternal rest for those interred there. However, cemeteries, just like any other property, are subject to various types of hazards, both man-made and nature created. The experts at Regan Agency recommend a comprehensive insurance policy that fully covers cemetery risk management.

Human Liability

Where there are people, there will be mistakes. It’s the nature of being human. Because cemeteries are often places of intensified emotions, it is necessary to cover professional liability claims against cemetery employees. In addition, the employees themselves need to be protected against extremely emotional clients who might react physically because of their own grief. And, although it is rare and unpleasant to consider, employee dishonesty should also be covered.

Property Liability

A beautiful and serene cemetery property can also sometimes be a hazardous one just because of its natural setting. Fallen trees are often a risk, as is damage caused by cars on the property. Historic cemeteries need special consideration also as they were not necessarily built with the same safety codes used today. The best-run facility will inevitably face property or maintenance failure eventually.

Cemetery risk management is all about being prepared for what you hope never happens. It is the responsible business owner, though, who considers all possibilities in the future to keep his or her property and employees safe now.

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