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If you need to purchase dog liability insurance we suggest you speak to an agent and get a quote today.

Coverage Vital for Aggressive Animals

If your dog bites someone, you’re likely to be sued. This is a liability and dog insurance is the solution. You may have evidenced your dog being teased or treated cruelly, but without evidence it’s your word against the victim (unfortunately, animals can’t talk). But notifying the parents of a child that you witnessed teasing your pet could help your case, especially if the child has a history of this type of behavior.   You should keep a record of these types of events or occurrences in case an investigation does take place. If your dog is even-tempered and only acts out when provoked it’s good to have proof of the fact. Any acts of animal cruelty should also be reported to the local authorities and/or animal control department. This will establish a legal defense if you ever have to go to court over such matters.  

Ways to reduce aggressive behavior in dogs

  If your dog is aggressive by nature, there are ways to curb bad behavior in pets. Most notably, many owners choose to enroll their pets in obedience classes. You might also consider neutering male dogs, which can significantly reduce dominance problems and stem many other forms of aggression. Dogs need exercise; running and daily walks should do the trick. Make sure your dog gets lots of exercise but also remember to keep your dog on a leash.   As a safety precaution, never leave young children alone with a dog, and also teach them how to behave around your dog. When guests are over, inform them that they shouldn’t exhibit fear, since acting nervously around an animal can send a message that most dogs will sense, especially dogs with aggressive tendencies.   Dog owners should be aware of local laws pertaining to their responsibilities if their dog does bite someone, and also carry liability dog insurance to help pay any legal and medical costs they may incur. Being a responsible dog owner is an important step in reducing any risks or exposures you face as a pet owner. If you need to purchase dog liability insurance we suggest you speak to an agent and get a quote today.

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