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Coverage Options for Healthcare Centers

The healthcare industry is booming, as there is increased demand for more facilities, centers, services that can address the needs of the country’s population. In spite of offering lifesaving and much-needed care opportunities, healthcare facilities face tremendous vulnerabilities from those that are employed, vendors, and even the individuals that receive care. Primary concerns are with malpractice claims, but slips and fall, environmental or hazardous exposures are inevitable but serious concerns as well.

Protecting Your Facility

Although a risk management strategy will help you put protective measures in place to reduce risks in a physical sense, there is an incredible financial strain that accompanies incidents of liability. For this reason, the team at Caitlin Morgan Insurance company recommends that your operation carries a comprehensive facility insurance plan. Since there are several areas of exposure within a single facility, a strong risk management approach will include the following areas of coverage:

  • General liability
  • Property coverage
  • Umbrella coverage
  • Professional liability
  • Workers’ compensation

Customize Your Coverage

The right insurance broker will work with you to identify key areas of risk. The type of operation you have, the scope and size, and the experience of the team in place will advise a broker on the areas that need attention. Healthcare facilities that could benefit from this coverage include urgent care clinics, hospitals, assisted care facilities, birthing centers, and more.

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