Why CAAs Should Have Insurance for Their Volunteers

If you run a Community Action Agencies, or CAA, you probably know how many individuals rely on your services to take care of themselves and their communities. As a nonprofit, your CAA probably relies on the dedication of volunteers, those who are willing to spend their time working for others without pay. Whether you provide housing, food, education, or another essential service, insurance for CAAs can help protect you, your organization, and your volunteers.   While many of your volunteers may work with you a few times a month or even every day, you probably encounter some individuals only once. It can be difficult to predict what any one volunteer would do if he or she were injured while working for your organization. Anyone can sue, even if you don’t expect it. Even if you are not worried about litigation, you probably want to support your volunteers if they need medical care after dedicating their time to you.   Accidents can happen in any workplace. If your organization is construction-based, building houses or other structures, you are probably keenly aware of the risks and hazards around every corner. A volunteer can easily step on a nail or tumble off a ladder. However, individuals can also be injured while stocking a food pantry or raking a park. Some injuries can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills, money that most CAAs need to continue operating. No matter what your volunteers do, insurance for CAAs can protect you from the high cost of accidents.

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