Builder’s Risk policy

Builder’s Risk Insurance Lays the Foundation for Success

Managing a construction project involves paying attention to numerous details. This is true whether the site is a new construction or a renovation. While you want the work done well and on time, there are many other risks that threaten the success of the project as well as your financial livelihood. However, the right insurance coverage reduces dangers builders face.

Builder’s Risk Coverage

Specialized insurance coverage for builders is designed to support them in the face of numerous uncontrollable factors that may threaten building projects. In fact, the experts at G.A. Mavon Insurance say Builder’s Risk exposures come from numerous directions, depending upon your individual situation.
  • Weather factors, such as floods and windstorms
  • Fire during construction
  • Theft of building materials from the site
  • Damage or loss of construction materials during transport to site
  • Extra taxes or delays in receiving capital funds
The right Builder’s Risk policy covers you in the event of these losses, and good policies go even further. Outstanding insurance for builders provides for scaffolding, debris removal, valuable onsite papers, partial occupancy, and even inflation.

Investing in Your Future

A comprehensive Builder’s Risk policy is an investment in your future. Look for a trustworthy company that offers packages and coverage that suits your particular circumstances. The right insurance agency will provide the coverage you need at affordable prices. When you know you have proper insurance for your construction site, you can breathe easier. Your future—both professionally and financially—may depend on having the right coverage. With good insurance, you can focus on managing the site for optimal excellence.

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