Auto Insurance and the NJ PAIP

One of the single worst parts of adulthood is car insurance. It’s a hassle to get, a pain to pay for, and a beast when you mess it up. But the silver lining to that ugly cloud is that it can only improve. In New Jersey, the state has established NJ PAIP, a personal automobile insurance plan that assures that every qualified citizen has access to auto insurance. Those who have been declined coverage elsewhere in the state of New Jersey can get insurance under the plan, including high risk drivers and those with a poor driving record. Insurance is available under the plan once all of the required documentation has been produced. Applicants will need to show proof of driving privileges, a copy of your driving record including any and all infractions, proof of NJ registration, and the names of all insurance companies that have declined the applicant. An insurance producer will review the information and provide a quote for coverage. After a few years, if the applicant has proven that he or she is no longer a high-risk, the NJ PAIP producer will help them find new coverage in the voluntary market. The plan is designed to increase competitiveness in the voluntary market by removing those high-risk applicants who would drive up rates across the board if the insurers were forced to provide them coverage. Once an applicant has proven that they’re no longer a part of that pool, they’ll be able to seek quotes from other insurers again. Agents all over the state offer insurance through the NJ PAIP. If you’ve been declined coverage elsewhere, seek out an agent that can help you and get the auto insurance coverage you need.

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