3 Ways Libraries Are Embracing the Future

Libraries are vital to the communities they serve. They act as hubs for scholarly investigation and collaborative study in a tranquil environment that is both soothing and inspiring. While some feel that traditional research is obsolete, libraries have made it their mission to prove that they still have much to offer an evolving modern world. 

1. Virtual Learning

Virtual learning isn’t just for school. Many libraries offer virtual opportunities for book clubs, storytime, and game nights. As virtual reality becomes more accessible, libraries are also finding unique ways to incorporate VR into existing educational and social programs. 

2. Automated Services 

As libraries adapt to a fast-paced world that values convenience above all else, automated services, such as contactless check-outs and returns, will likely become the norm. Many expect that librarians will eventually be assisted by robots or other forms of artificial intelligence which can more accurately answer patron’s questions about inventory or research. 

3. Eco-Friendly Policies

Better technology doesn’t have to mean more environmental pollution. Instead, libraries are learning how to use technology more efficiently, installing solar panels and energy-saving learning devices. Some libraries have even created community gardens to help offset the industrial impact. 

While many fear that the future of libraries appears grim, libraries across the globe are going above and beyond to prove their relevance in a rapidly-changing, high-tech world. While their services may change, libraries will continue to offer communities a safe space to retreat from the chaos of everyday life. 

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