Hospice business insurance programs
When you own a hospice, your patients always come first.

3 Types of Hospice Coverage

All businesses need some form of insurance. The same goes for a hospice. Hospice business insurance programs may seem overwhelming if you haven’t had to deal with them before. If you are in the market for insurance for your hospice, here are three coverages that aren’t always considered.

Automobile Liability

If you are a hospice facility with an automobile, then you should already be thinking about having your work vehicles insured. This can go for work vehicles or your employees’ personal vehicles, if they use them for work.

Data Breaches

In the age of technology, data breaches can be a concern. If you have compromised data, not only could you end up with monetary losses, but also clients and patients may sue you for any breach of confidence or data. It is better to be safe with the insurance coverage.

Employee Lawsuit

Not every employee severance ends well. As any business knows, it is important to be prepared in case an employee files a lawsuit for wrongful termination, harassment, on-the-job accidents or discriminatory practices. Even if your business is innocent, it will still cost you to defend your practice. This is where insurance coverage comes in. When you own a hospice, your patients always come first. Of course, in order to be able to run the hospice smoothly, you have to have safeguards in place to keep money in your pocket. Hospice business insurance programs help you do that.

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