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3 Tips When Starting a Comedy Club

Comedy clubs are a great source of evening entertainment when you need a good laugh. Just offering comedy alone, though, may not be enough to bring people in. Of course, there's not just a single way of how to run a comedy club, but there are definitely tips and tricks to increasing your chance of success beyond finding excellent talent and trying to book more well-known comedians.
  1. Pick the Right Location

If you want to open an entertainment business, rather than trying to fill a niche where no others are, find an area near other types of entertainment, such as bars and restaurants, or even theaters and other clubs. You'll be more likely to attract customers due to people looking for fun already being nearby.
  1. Be Competitive

While being around other entertainment venues can bring in more customers, you'll need to be sure that they choose your comedy club over others. Learn trends and pricing for other comedy clubs, and find a way to make yours even more appealing. One specific method, as suggested by RMS Hospitality Group, is to offer dining options. Most comedy clubs just offer the show, but investing in food services can bring in both people looking for a laugh and a place to eat.
  1. Get Insurance

One of the most important tips on how to run a comedy club is to insure your business. The entertainment industry should be full of fun and laughs, not devastating lawsuits. Insurance can protect you from financial struggles if an accident were to happen.

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