Water dripping from the ceiling or puddles covering the floor can be devastating to business operations. Whether a plumbing failure or the aftermath of a strong storm, processing the damage and cleaning up after business flooding is overwhelming and costly. In order to get your business back to normal operations, follow these steps for recovering from flooding.

1. Evacuate the Building

Safety issues with gas, electricity or structural damage can be avoided by having everyone evacuate the building until you assess the damage and remove the water. Call local service providers to have any utilities shut off.

2. Contact the Insurance Company

As soon as you notice an issue, contact your insurance agent and provide as much information as possible concerning the damages. Keep a record of your contact with the agent, as well as photos or documentation you collect concerning the flooding and damage. Allow the adjuster to document all losses and damages before removing any items.

3. Secure Your Property

While you wait for restoration, you may need to limit access to the property in order to keep your property safe. It also removes additional liability concerns for your insurance company.

Business flooding, even if it’s just a small amount of water, can halt your operations. These tips will help get you back in business more quickly.